According to an APA Stress in America survey, more people became overweight during the pandemic. A whopping 29 pounds increase in weight was registered among 42% of respondents. This can be the result of lack of food choices and physical activity. Indeed, during the pandemic, fresh and healthy foods were scarce. On the other hand, the main activity of many people was sitting in front of their screens as authorities closes fitness gyms and public areas for walking and jogging.

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But why should everyone else work to lose weight? Here are some of the adverse effects of being overweight and why you should do something about it.

Health Consequences

Obesity can gravely affect one’s health. When compared to individuals with ideal weight, obese adults are at greater risk of life-threatening conditions.  It includes blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and stroke.

It can also lead to gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, and some types of cancers.  An overweight person is also predisposed to body pain, and mental illness, like depression and anxiety. With all these health issues confronting people with obesity, increased mortality rate is expected.

Economic Impact

With all the health consequences of excessive weight, it can significantly affect the economic aspect of an individual. Medical expenses can easily rise. Income generation will also surely decrease because of lowered productivity.

Lifestyle Effects

Individuals who gain weight may have to deal with lifestyle changes. Once an individual gains weight excessively, he may not do the usual things that he once enjoyed. This is because obesity is a limiting factor to physical and mental abilities of people. Indeed, being overweight can lower the quality of life of individuals.

With all these adverse effects of obesity, degradation of self-worth can follow suit if you do nothing about it. Undoubtedly, every individual is capable of losing weight. With the most reliable weight loss supplement, right diet, and physical activity, one can start preventing all these negative consequences of obesity from happening.